Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End Hits Xbox Live In HD

The Bitbag writes, "I'm starting to believe that Microsoft is trying to take out Blockbuster and Netflix. I don't however, think that they are trying to sabotage the HD disc market. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are doing that themselves."

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davez824731d ago

Wow and people call PS3 a Trojan horse.

Darkiewonder4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

another is disc form.

so if you ever feel like watching it again another day. you would have to pay rental ^^.

Still better off just getting the DVD version and let the player upscale it up.

Close_Second4731d ago

Just how many times do you need to watch the movie? Even if I rent it 2 or 3 times still ends up costing me less than buying it. I have seen the movie twice. Once at the movies and once on DVD...I will not consider it a loss if I don't ever see the movie again.

Darkiewonder4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I'm not going to spend money again just for me to watch it another day. Having a disc form. I can you know, if family or friends want to watch, i can easily pop the dvd in instead of telling them to wait so i can rent it through XBLM.

And no, I don't rent movies. If i want to watch a movie I'll go buy it, simple as that ;3

Close_Second4731d ago

Wow, then you truly are a dream consumer. And what happens when the new must have format comes out? you going to buy all the same movies again? What if you collection gets stolen or suffers from disc rott and your insurance company won't pay out full replacement value?

Repeat viewings of POTC:AWE to me is the same as taking a 2nd look at your turd just before you flush it. You look at it the first time just out of curiosity or habbit but you don't waste your time with a second glance. Not unless you like watching sh*t...oh but wait...buying a movie like this would suggest you do...

Darkiewonder4731d ago

Why would I rebuy a title I already have on one format?

The odds of me getting my disc damage/stolen is the same odds of Gabe Newell losing weight.

Anyways, you do what you want with your money, I'll do what I want with mine. Thanks.

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iNcRiMiNaTi4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

its a game console dammit. sony and MS should stop it with the movies and focus on the games. especially MS, stupid video marketplace

[edit] wow disagrees. prolly from fanboys that dont know their facts.

"so because of that they need to focus more on games?"
its not a dvd or movie player last time i checked. i bought the xbox360 for games"

BLaZiN PRopHeT4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

why especially MS?

Edit: so because of that they need to focus more on games?

i mean theyve been doing a pretty good job with the games. and now this shows that they can be on top of both.

also i didnt give you the disagree

Edit: so you can do that you can play games. i dont see MS advertising the 360's video market place in their commercials like i see sony advertising the ps3 as a bluray player.

iNcRiMiNaTi4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

i read somewhere they dont care about hd-dvd and blu ray. there only supporting hd-dvd until they can get their video marketplace downloadables worldwide up and running, their digital distribution downloads

oh wait here it is:

DraconWolfX4731d ago

I think you are getting disagrees because some of us like to use our consoles for more than gaming. I love the fact that my PS3 has blu-ray and my 360 has HD-DVD. Consolidating devices into one is awesome.

gta_cb4731d ago

its like when you go out some people like to carry a phone which has a lot of memory for songs rather then carrying a phone and a MP3/4/iPod around, its the same thing i have taken my DVD player out of my room and put it into my brothers room since i got my Xbox 360 last year, i havnt looked back, especially with being able to watch all my DivX/xVid videos from my computer on my Xbox 360

Talvish4731d ago

I put plenty of gaming hours in during a week on my 360 but it gets more total usage as a media center. My daughter listens to music every day when downstairs (so it goes for at least 4 hours a day on music) and my wife and I rent a movie every week from the Marketplace.

Perhaps not so oddly, due to the HD wars and the fact I can rent on Marketplace my DVD purchasing has dropped drammatically. And given the ease of renting, I will not be purchasing at the same level once the format war is over. I will only buy those I know I will watch plenty of times.

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DarkSniper4731d ago

Dark Sniper would rather prefer to watch this very same movie in Windows Media Format in high definition through his PLAYSTATION 3®. Not to mention every feature Dark Sniper just mentioned comes at no charge.

This is the treatment that XBOX slaves receive when they have "the choice" for high definition movie watching.


WilliamRLBaker4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Every feature you talked about is no free on ps3 you damn liar.

The 360 can do pretty much every thing the ps3 can in terms of media streaming...ect And this is not media streaming its Media downloading your renting a movie then downloading it and watching it, You can setup streaming for free on the 360 from your computer and then download this movie online for free (and illegal) and thus watch it on the tv through streaming, do not act like it cant.

Bluesxman234731d ago

Dark Sniper likes spicy chicken.

Bladestar4731d ago

One of Blu-ray's strongest supporter seems to be supporing digital distribution... mmm.. I wonder why? While blu-ray and HD DVd camp fight over dominace... it seems like microsoft is quietly gathering every studio support on the xbox 360 marketplace...

ActionBastard4731d ago

Physical media will not go away anytime soon. When broadband access is as common in homes as electricity or running water, then it will be viable. Thinking the video marketplace could impact the sales of physical media in the slightest is fairly misinformed or fanboyish, you pick.

captainjy4731d ago

Sounds like someone read Michael Bay's comments on how MS is controlling the speed of HD-DVD VS. Blu-Ray. Good for MS! I for one am not a big supporter of digital distribution only, but I would use it from time to time.

nstott4731d ago

You can also watch spiderman 3 in HD on your xbox 360 or pc. Just download it on Vongo in HD format and stream it to your 360 through media center. Not sure if you can stream vongo straight to the dashboard, but maybe. Perfect for those who don't have a blu-ray player.

Douglasp4731d ago

I will get login back in there to see it.
Also you can't run Vongo from the dashboard, but you can run it on your 360 using Media Center. I open Vongo on the 360 without having to get out of bed and going to my office. Just turn it on log on to MCE. You do need a wired Connection (cat 5) as I tried with a wireless g and it lagged a bit.

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