VideoGamer: How Final Fantasy XIV plans to win back its audience

VideoGamer: After a controversial launch last year, Version 2.0 of Final Fantasy XIV Online is underway and promises to fix its bigger problems. So is 2012 the year the game will finally find its footing? We speak with FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida about the game's future, its adherence to its subscription model, and the port to PlayStation 3.

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Myst3061d ago

From the look of things earlier on it was shaping up nicely 2.0 seems like it was going to be the thing that really did seal the deal for a few. I currently still have money on my PS3 pre-order so now to play the waiting game and wait for the game to come out...

Kurisu3060d ago

Last year? This game launched in 2010 :) It was going to be my first ever MMORPG, but the PS3 delay meant that this still hasn't happened. Will get it when it comes out!