Indepth Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Analysis

Avid Gamer continue their trailer analysis series with the hottest trailer of recent months; Duke Nukem Forever. Every single part of the trailer is analysed and they give their verdict of what's in store for this 10+ Year developed title.

*Just announced as multi-format.*

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White-Sharingan4730d ago

"The Duke footage is 100% in-game, IN-Engine footage. The fact that people think it's rendered is cool but the tech team deserves the props on this one. "

OMG, lol, Even I was disappointed on how Duke looked xD, never in m mind did I think it wasnt in game

Ghoul4730d ago


im neither impressed by the gfx

but still very hyped because the duke is my fav anti-hero :D

Damphear4730d ago

this game is eather going to suck ass. or maby be alirght.

now how old is duke nukem??

AAACE54730d ago

I'm glad the duke is back! I kind of miss the games a lil bit. Let's just hope it's good though!

likeaboss3024730d ago

The graphics look on par with any of the UE3 Engine stuff. Sorry it's not Crysis but I guess they'd like more people to actually be able to play it when it does come out. I think it looks great, just let them get the game out already. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum; and I'm all out of gum!

Oh by the way let me know what game out there shows muscle move like that on character models.