Mass Effect 3 Voice Commands Sheet

Here is a list of the Voice Commands to use with your Kinect.

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Captain Qwark 93062d ago

really hope thats not the list of all the squad members.....i was really looking forward to having wrex back and thane.

TenSteps3062d ago

This, I mean Wrex is Wrex man it felt wierd not having him in the second game.

Also I demand that one of the voice commands implemented has something to do with "my favorite store on the citadel".

Captain Qwark 93062d ago

sure did, the krogan from the second game was cool but he was not wrex. hell i dont even remember his name and i remember everything wrex and i had done together

(admittedly i beat me1 5 times though so that could be part of it )

TenSteps3062d ago

Seriously though the lack of Wrex as a squad member is readily forgiven so long as Bioware include the dialogue options of "*air quote* Ah yes Reapers *end of air quote*" to the Turian Councilor.

pandaboy3062d ago

I can imagine this being pretty funny if a friend is watching you play... shouting 'sniper rifle' whenever you are in close quarters combat. It's a useless implementation of kinect really.

IM_KINECTED3062d ago

You don't actually have to shout, I was using the demo with Kinect yesterday and was surprised that you can just speak normally and it works perfect.

I might use the pause/controller option when I need a break for combat, but the Kinect features let you immerse yourself in real time combat without having to quit the action.

Works really well, I was very skeptical at first, but will definitely go through my playthrough with Kinect.

The good news is that you don't have to use it if you don't want to, but if you have a Kinect and the game, why wouldn't you?

pandaboy3062d ago

1. I didn't literally mean that you have to shout.

2. I meant it's useless because you technically don't need a kinect for voice commands. Bioware just chose kinect solely because of its ease of use for its implementation.

Forza_is_King3062d ago

So then panda boy, since bioware implemented the use of kinect simply because it's ease to do so like you said yourself.....then it's obviously not as useless as you want to so desperately believe.

Kinect is an amazing optional feature in mass effect 3 and truly makes mass effect 3 better with kinect.

pandaboy3062d ago

we should have a KDF(kinect defence force) for you guys for you impetuous need to attack an argument before you understand what it even means.

green3062d ago

Just finished the Demo. Mass Effect 3 is indeed better with Kinect. Voice commands for allies moves and moves that are not mapped to a button just makes the comabt sequences flow much better.