Soul Calibur V Review: BuzzFocus

Soulcalibur V is a sound fighting game with a superb battle system. You feel the weight of each weapon you wield and every strike you unleash. It’s great for multiplayer battles online and you can even sit in and watch other battles. The single-player game, however, is severely lacking in innovation. It feels like a story ripped from the 90s with over-the-top voice acting to boot.

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cbclerk2490d ago

Not better than Tekken, but I'll play it.

tboyshinobi2490d ago

haven't played tekken in years but I'll definitely be playing SF X Tekken.

docbeez2490d ago

ha - give me Virtua Fighter or Battle Arena Toshinden over these games

Bags_BuzzFocus2490d ago

lmao! i miss toshinden. that's back when i rented games from the VHS store. i never understood why that game had all japanese dialogue.

i hated virtua fighter. i remember when they replaced the X-Men and SF games in the arcade with that and i was like WTF?!

cbclerk2490d ago

Soul Calibur IV was fun though. C'mon who didn't like Yoda!