Resident Evil: Revelations Review, I’m On A Boat B!tch

After a Resident Evil dry spell, Capcom makes a return to the franchise on the 3DS. This time with the lovely Jill Valentine and a giant ship. However, not just any ship. The ship is filled to the brim with creepy sludge people and terrible voice acting. Stay a while and read my review of Resident Evil: Revelations.


The story takes place between my beloved Resident Evil 4 and the whatever Resident Evil 5. Jill and her partner, Parker, drive the main plot. Searching for Chris Redfield, they end up on a giant ship in the middle of the Mediterranean. Unfortunately for them, IT’S A TRAP! Team Valentine gets stuck and has to fight their way out of the cruise ship of doom against the “ooze.” You spend the majority of the game playing as Jill trying to discover what exactly is going on and why this is happening.

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