Binary Domain Trophy List!

Can you catch all these trophies in the intense battle for humanity in the robot-invaded 2080 Tokyo of Binary Domain?

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baddiary2464d ago

That description was a mouthful :p

I haven't been paying attention to Binary Domain, so gotta try out the demo I guess-

Makasu2464d ago

Haha yeah, sorry about that :D I've seen some promising videos of it, in particular they've done some nice things when shooting enemies/robots they break up into million pieces, so i kinda want to try that!

OllieBoy2464d ago

aaaaaand I won't be buying.

baddiary2464d ago

Yeah, not a fan of online trophies myself. When they are actually time-based, as in you gotta play forever to reach a rank or whatever, instead of skill-based, it's just stupid.

Freedom_Bear2464d ago

Played the demo, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Finally a Japanese developer has been able to get the western style TPS right, hats off to you Sega, I'm sold.