Microsoft is deploying Xbox360 dashboard update right now

If you sign into XBL now, you will be asked to accept a new system update.

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MultiConsoleGamer3072d ago

The new system update will bring even more advertisments to the dashboard. Ads will now be transimited directly into your brain every time you fire up your Xbox 360.

fluffydelusions3072d ago

Still wondering why they removed Netflix party...

hardcore19123072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )


loool. I agree that the number of ads on the current dashboard is ridiculous. finding content (especially arcade games) on the current dashboard isn't easy as it was on the previous dashboard.

Godmars2903072d ago

No one/not enough people were using it and what little active memory it used was put elsewhere.

SlipperyMooseCakes3072d ago

That was Netflix's call. Not Microsofts.

r1sh123072d ago

does anyone know what the update is for?

fluffydelusions3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

@r1sh12 at a guess could be something to do with that bad video quality on non MS apps? Who knows...

r1sh123072d ago

Yea maybe. Although the site is in some middle eastern region so it might be region specific. (assuming the xbox update is for that region) who knows..

Also watch this lol:

matt19913072d ago

Its might have something to do with the Mass Effect Voice commands.

ZippyZapper3072d ago

There is only one ad on each blade. N4G has more ads.

try harder

guitarded773072d ago

@ fluffydelusions
It was something to do with memory being allocated for something else, so Netflix party was removed. There is an article here on n4g about it somewhere, but it'd take some digging to find.

orange-skittle3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

The Netflix app is better on XBL than PSN. The layout and the functionality are both different. On XBL while the credits roll, Netflix will offer you 3 more movies to your liking w/ a description and rating. PSN does nothing. While XBL has ads, it doesnt get in your way to navigate. I dont knock them for creating more revenue for their company because that's what they are...A COMPANY!

So SLOT3395! Why is PSN now charging $49.99 a year with PSN+? If I can clear an additional 5million a year for advertising, I would do the same damn thing. You people think these companies operate on wind and water? Grow the f-ck up and get in the real world nerds

Kurt Russell3072d ago

"finding content (especially arcade games) on the current dashboard isn't easy as it was on the previous dashboard."

It's a lot easier... Just turn on your xbox, press left on the analogue once, then type the first 3 or 4 letters of the game you are looking for... then "bang" all the content for that game is available for you to DL.

SilentNegotiator3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Where is the outrage? A small update with no major new features, a feature was actually taken away.....
Excuse me, N4G community, but your double-standards are showing.

"There is only one ad on each blade. N4G has more ads.
try harder"
Not everyone feels the need to try so hard to defend advertisements on something that they PAY for.

Comparing the typical website model to a video game console OS makes no sense. Video game companies make money from selling games, charging for online gameplay access, selling DLC, etc, etc, etc....websites use advertisements to make money when they're sharing information.

Terrible comparison. The only purpose of such a comparison is smooth over the situation.

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sloth33953072d ago

still reminds me when Microsoft said the reason Live isnt free is because to do that they would need to have advertisments on it to make up the cost

BlmThug3072d ago

Well they added =1 month to 3 month subscriptions now. Who knows, maybe in the future Live will be half price permanently because they gain so much money from ads

andrewsqual3072d ago

Yes and maybe Keanu Reeves will be the next US President.

Legion3072d ago

Ronald Reagan was basically the Keanu Reeves of his time... and he was President for 2 terms. So good acting has nothing to do with being President. ha

lsujester3072d ago

I'd vote for ol' Ted Logan. Probably wouldn't be much worse than the options we'll have come November.

kaveti66163072d ago

Ronald Reagan was not the Keanu Reeves of his time.

He was a corporate spokesman for most of his adult like for various companies and thus his ability to be a stooge translated well into being a puppet president.

Keanu Reeves is a decent human being who donates a ton money and gives film crew members bonuses and basically stays out of the limelight so he can focus on helping his sister recover from cancer.

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Kal8533072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Too true. They've already started planning for even more invasive advertising with the update after that one:

Goozex3072d ago

Lol, Looks as if ms might be afraid of the VITA ATTACK!

andibandit3072d ago

Are you talking about the new 249.95$ PSP?

videoxgamexfanboy3072d ago

Its amzing how many dummies agree with u...

hazardman3072d ago

People make a big deal out of simple shit. These ads dont hamper my experience with the dashboard or Xbox Live a s a whole! Everything nowadays has ads!

ConstipatedGorilla3072d ago

I hear the update will incorporate ads into the games themselves!

Seriously though, unless they get rid of this metro crap I'm not using my 360. I stopped playing it about a week after the last update; the current interface is horrible.

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lorianguy3072d ago

I wonder what it does..?

SignifiedSix3072d ago

Maybe getting it ready for new apps? Who knows!

Rampaged Death3072d ago

I read somewhere that it's to brick flashed consoles.

Jazz41083072d ago

I heard this xbox update was bricking ps3s

JellyJelly3072d ago ShowReplies(1)
meetajhu3072d ago

Extended Color(24-bit) was not working when metro update was rolled out. They have fixed it now.

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barb_wire3072d ago

Read somewhere this update is for apps that are coming.. like iPlayer and such.

3GenGames3072d ago

Yes, because Microsoft would let Apple program Apps for the 360. /s

barb_wire3072d ago

ooh your sarcasm is broken.. iplayer as in BBC iPlayer but if you're so smart you'd already know that genius!

ZippyZapper3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Just in case he does a stealth edit

"Yes, because Microsoft would let Apple program Apps for the 360."

3GenGames google, Bing, or yahoo next time.

@3GenGames below: I take it all back, it takes a big person to admit things. I still have no idea WTF you're talking about but bub+ anyway.

theEx1Le3072d ago

"Yes, because Microsoft would let Apple program Apps for the 360. /s"


3GenGames3072d ago

Mmm, never realized there was a dinky thing that nobody would know because it's irrelevant that would use the branding of a Crapple device and then be stupid because you believe it is. Good going, I made a mistake because it does exist, and although still irrelevant, apparently the first thing I'm supposed to think of when I see "iPlayer" instead of the bigger brand. Have fun with yourselves now that you're geniuses because you're so smart about a service that won't even exist 5 years from now. Lol!

stiggs3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

It was bad enough when you made the initial mistake but now you're just burying yourself. If people didn't make the assumption that you're an idiot based on your first post then they certainly will after reading your followup. You really should have just kept your mouth shut.

Gazondaily3072d ago

Ouch 3gen

Talk about making yourself look like an idiot and then, doing it all over again! For shame child....for shame.

Hayabusa 1173072d ago


There are so many lols in your comment, I'll just pick my favourite one:

"Have fun with yourselves now that you're geniuses because you're so smart about a service that won't even exist 5 years from now. Lol! "

For educational purposes, the BBC i-player is one of the first on-demand TV services. I should also point out that it's unlikely to be dead in 5 years time. In fact, I'd even say there's a 50-50 chance it will outlive you.

b00mFargl33072d ago

Don't be so upset because you got busted for being wrong. Show some humility.

p.s. hitting the agree button on yourself doesn't count. ;)

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Dazel3072d ago

Odd how my slim has got the update but my 60gig white one hasn't???

Game3s3072d ago

Slim has built in kinect support must be for kinect.

kma2k3072d ago

I just hope they bring back the damn app in the "comming soon" section. I used this app on my ps3 last year but i would love to be able to just yell at my kinect to watch the game.

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