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Before I started up Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning, I was completely skeptical about what 38 studios was promising to bring to the table. Even though 38 studios was founded by Curt Schilling, a former Boston Red Sox’s pitcher. It has some impressive talent behind the game, which drew my interest towards the game. Ken Rolston, who is mostly known for being the lead designer for Elder Scrolls “Morrowind” and “Oblivion”. Todd Mcfalane, who was the creator of spawn and lastly R.A Salvatore, who is a well known scifi writer. This trio of talent dose many rights then wrongs, but it lacks a strong identity and the game suffers because of it.

One of the biggest reasons to get excited about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the combat. From the get go, KOA: Reckoning is easy to grasp. If you are a fan of various RPG’s like Dragon Age and Ninja Gaiden, then you are going to find familiar ground here. if you aren’t familiar with those games, it’s a fast paced button masher mixed with rpg elemen...

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SnowBlu3074d ago

great game

awesome oldschool feeling

bwazy3074d ago

I enjoy it quite a bit, its a real easy "pick up and play for 30 mins" kind of game, which I like. Also combat is hella fun.

Brixxer6003074d ago

Very good start to what could be a great franchise

shammgod3073d ago

Does this guy say "RPGs like Ninja Gaiden"? I thought so....