Wii vs PS3

Nintendo's Wii is battling Sony's Playstation 3 at stores.'s Allen Wastler has more.

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lynx1halo4732d ago

oh so many comment..its to

ddldave4732d ago

Added On December 19, 2006

HarryEtTubMan4732d ago

considering the PS3 is almos double the price.... u will be seeing a MUCHHHH more fierce fight in 2/3 years. But the PS3 is holding its own for now. The Wii wont be winning forever.

gamesblow4732d ago

Dear lord... This can't be real. Ps3 smokes the wii's ass and rotates it twice in every way possible.

Ps3 allows you to place full on movies onto your HDD and watch them. Movies you own, movies you rent... whatever. Wii can't touch that.

Ps3 allows you to play every system up to the dreamcast thru emulation.

Ps3 allows you to browse the real internet

Ps3 allows you to watch blu-ray movies

Ps3 allows you to game online for free

Ps3 allows you to upscale all your dvd's

Ps3 allows you to upscale Ps1 and ps2 games.

Ps3 allows you to play all your ps1 games thru your psp remotely

Ps3 allows you to swap and edit media on the fly

All out of the box... all for the cost of the system and the system alone. nothing more. Anyone who doesn't have a Ps3 for sheer functionality is missing out.

ItsDubC4732d ago

I bought my Wii so I could browse the "fake" internet!

Mwaan4732d ago

But the Wii is cheaper and has more games.

salgoods4732d ago

Wii? games? i wouldnt call those games. i dont know what the hell they are.

Mwaan4732d ago

You have to understand that we are in the minority. The Wii isn't aimed at the hardcore gamer. People who never really got into videogames are going nuts over the Wii.

Kaneda4732d ago

The wii is good for turn it on and off... I can't believe people are still buy that piece of junk!

That youtube video is so old now... PS3 fat chick is more fun to play with now... that skinny chick needs to get some fake boobs (fun games) for us to play with...

Big Jim4732d ago

Wait....what? You can put/store rented videos on your PS3 hard drive permanently? That is, rent a video "rip" it to a PS3 hard drive and keep it forever? Is this true?

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Maddens Raiders4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

but the Wii has PS3 and 360 beat in sales. I guess the old Abraham Lincoln quote of.....,

-- "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time...." --

....doesn't quite apply to game consoles, because in a head to head comparison, it just doesn't make *any sense at all.


deeznuts4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

And the Ford Taurus was the #1 or #2 selling car in America for a long time. I'd still rather have a lexus or a mercedes or a BMW. Cost more, sells less, sexier, better.

Similar situation here.

mccomber4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

To me, this video is more interesting from a "this is how it's perceived" viewpoint than any actual information. Let's face it, nothing said in here is news to any of us; but the way it's presented, and the way the two people involved see the situation, is pretty funny in a scary way. He's so friggin animated through the whole video, waving his hands in all directions, it's no wonder he loves the Wii controls. Add in the year old video from G4 and it pretty much sums up the general public's awareness.

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