Metro- Uncharted: Golden Abyss Review

Metro- In reviewing Golden Abyss there is a terrible temptation to immediately go off topic and start talking about the PlayStation Vita itself, Sony, the 3DS and portable gaming in general. But that would be horribly unfair on many levels, not least because this is one of the most impressive launch titles we've seen for years.

The reason this new Uncharted inspires such wide-ranging discussion is because it epitomises Sony's approach to both the Vita and portable gaming as a whole. It looks, sounds, and plays almost exactly like the PlayStation 3 games - which is precisely what Sony promised of the Vita, and all the more impressive because Uncharted is one of the best looking home console games of any kind.

The only other possible complaint is the complete lack of any multiplayer, but as distracting a diversion as these options are in the home console games gunfights and online multiplayer are both way down the list of reasons of why we play an Uncharted game. Especially as Golden Abyss' story campaign lasts well over 10 hours.

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