AMD to focus on multi-GPU cards for the high-end market

At the recent Analyst Day conference, AMD noted that it will focus on technology to put multiple GPUs onto a single card to form its new high-end graphics products.

AMD has already started working on the technology in its Radeon HD 3000 series, according to sources at graphics card makers. The first product will be the Radeon HD 3870 X2 which will feature two RV670XT GPUs and will launch in January 2008 with a price set between US$299-349, noted the sources.

The Radeon HD 3870 X2 uses a PCI Express bridge chip, the PEX6347, to let the two GPUs work together on the card. Although the cost of this solution is higher than just prod......

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Azures4731d ago

AMD is closing in on irrelevance, and if ATI isn't careful they'll pull themselves down too.

LJWooly4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

PC gaming is just becoming more and more of a ripoff as time goes on. An 880GTX costs the same as a PS3, a console with a GPU of almost the same power and usefulness, not to mention the processing power of a supercomputer, and the fact that a PC gamer has to spend hundreds of pounds upgrading their PC every now and then just to keep up with the demands of PC Gaming is just absurd.

If you DO have a PC that can keep up, then good for you, but the cost simply is not worth it.

PC's aren't for gaming, leave that to consoles.

Azures4731d ago

If you're smart about your upgrades you don't have to spend much to play games at an optimum level. No game out there on the PS3 or 360 is putting out games at either system's max graphical level. No reason to pay more than $300 for a gfx card.

PC gaming will always have its place. MMOs specifically just don't work on consoles for instance.

kornbeaner4731d ago

Gaming is what it is today because of PC gaming. All of the titles we enjoy now have in some way roots that were planted back in the heyday of PC gaming, all the Halos, CoDs, Mass effects, have some sort of root that PC gaming help pave the way for. While I'm by no means a hardcore PC gamer, PC gaming is the pinnacle for any true gamer. What other platform ever released allows for gamer and commoners to play games on the same platform they can help create them (through the use of Mods and such)????? All PS, Xbox, Nintendo Platform for the most part have always been a Closed system meaning the end product (and now it's patches)are soley the vision of the developer, where as in PC gaming (with the help of Mod tools) if you don't fully agree with the End product as presented simply mod it and try your best to out-do the Dev. PC gaming is an expensive habit, but is one that can be far more rewarding then any console game can (at least for the end of this generation) be. PC gaming just like Console has a place in the industry, I, like many other people just wish it wasn't so expensive to stay on the cutting edge.

LJWooly4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I see your points, but although PC gaming basically defined gaming today as a whole, I think consoles are starting to surpass the PC gaming market, especially in terms of sales. Look at Crysis for example.

Some of the finest games i've ever played were on PC, Deus Ex, Command & Conquer, Half-Life, but nowadays the specs are just too demanding. I fully appreciate what PC's have done and still do for gaming, and understand just how rewarding it can be to mod and, you know, define your own game and such, it's fantastic what you can do.

If you've got money to burn, then fine, there's no problem with PC gaming, but for people like me, whose only funding for their gaming hobby is their paper-round, then there's a problem. You just don't get what you pay for.

kornbeaner4731d ago

but going back to what Azures was saying, PC games don't need to be seen at 1920 x 1280 with all the effects turned up to EXTREME. But for some reason that is what defines a cutting edge PC game. I am very happy viewing a game at 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 with varying effect conditions, and most PC games can match a console game on medium settings (with some effects turned to high) and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, it just takes a little know how and research to get a great bang for your buck (8800GT anyone?). But I will agree in terms of lasting sales the console does out perform the PC, where as we can see a console game sell 1 million copies at least 4 times a year, on the PC that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, but in retrospect how many games on console can claim to have the occult following of a StarCraft or WoW or Diablo, the Sims and many more games. On a console a great game will have its peak for no more then 6 months while on PC we see games that are still played massively for 2, 3, 4 or more years (counting the forgein markets of couse, mostly Asia). So I'll leave it as Different strokes for Different Folks, but the PC market I don't think is suffering the way most would like to believe, its just a different gaming culture.

Charmers4731d ago

if you think the RSX comes anywhere near the power and performance of a 8800gtx then you are seriously ill informed. The only way the PS3 is getting half it's graphical power done is thanks to the Cel BE chip. Even then most PS3 games are still only 720p res and rely on scaling to get a fake 1080p res. Where as most PC gamers expect nothing less than natively rendered 1080p

Dragonopolis4731d ago

I was under the impression that PS3 can't upscale PS3 games. Maybe it changed in a firmware update. Whatever resolution PS3 game is running its native.

Charlie26884731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

"PC's aren't for gaming, leave that to consoles."

You mean the consoles that are actually becoming PCs?

you know, HDD, installing games, patching, internet access, online services, OSs, updates, multimedia functions, hell even the PS3 has the ability to exchange the HDD and make use of a printer, UT3s mod and M&K support?

if I wasn't talking about consoles I could swear I just described a PC
and I don't think Sony called the PS3 a supercomputer for nothing

so please dude don't, if you simply hate PC gaming because you had a bad experience, simply don't have the money to upgrade or feel overhwlmed and love your console fine and YAY for you I guess but don't try to force your dislike on PCs on us because there is actually people that can afford to upgrade, like to upgrade, know how to upgrade with out burning money and love feeling of having the choice and control over it, maybe even like having the power to do multiple things on the PC they might have build themselves and they might even have consoles too! (like me :P)

now do I hear a YAY from you? :)

Bolts4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Complaining about the cost of PC gaming is like whining about the price of a H2 Hummer. In other words you're either missing the point don't appreciate the advantages. If its not for you then bash what you don't undestand. For example there are genres and features avialable to PC gaming that simply isn't available on the console.

Even in the genre that the console are gaining on they're still years behind. Shooters being a prime example. This is the kind of user created content PC users get with a game like Orange Box, at zero cost, the entire game was made by fans.

and this game was a free mod for UT2003 before it went retail. Just imagine what can be done with UT3.

You like Oblivion on your PS3? Wait till you see what you get with the PC's user created content, all completely free.


On the PC you can basically play Oblivion forever and still won't run out of content and things to do. It never ends 'cause people are constantly making new quests and mods.

The great thing is you don't need a $2000 PC to play any of those so it's not all about Crysis and it's uber system requirements.

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Karebear4731d ago

Didn't 3dfx try this in the 90's with the Voodoo SLI line? Where are they today again? Riiiiiight.

Xi4731d ago

how do you think Nvidia came up with SLI?

AMD has the edge on Nvidia by haveing crossfire work over 4 cards, something Nvidia can only get onto 3.

Ju4731d ago

I still have a 3dfx Voodoo 5500 4xAGP somewhere - with 2 GPUs. Yeah, now owned by NVidea.

cjg234731d ago

ATI has a lot of catching up to do. Ask anyone who knows about GPU's never have I seen such a huge gap in performance between the two companys. AMD/ATI are in a lot of trouble if they don't shape up and come up with better products especially after AMD shipped its phenom with a crash bug.