Don’t Blame Your Crappy Marriage On Video Games

With every new day comes a new excuse for nasty people to crucify video games. This time it's a study by researchers at Brigham Young University, as reported by U.S. News in a story today titled "Spouses Being Pushed Aside For Video Games" that claims gaming is ruining marriages.

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nikrel2437d ago

Anything that takes you away from your spouse causes conflict. Work, Hobby, Sports.

I know MMOs put a strain on my wife, I did ignore her. It wasn't the MMOs fault it's mine for having such an addictive personality, I play DCUO now, but the nice thing is I don't have to log on daily.

The social aspect of MMOs is what draws a lot of people in, they are concerned they will miss something or offend someone. This can also make your mate jealous or sad for various reasons.

What it all comes down to is moderation, everything must have it.

I'm glad I no longer HAVE to play rather I choose to play.