The PlayStation Vita Needs a ‘Dislike’ Button

Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld sports a good amount of ways to connect with people. It will let you share your trophies, passively trade and unlock game content, and even broadcast how you're feeling about the games you're playing.

Well, to a point. As it turns out, the Vita won't let you tell people if you don't like a game.

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supremacy3064d ago

You serious? Wasnt this the case with facebook? People can only click likes.

But, seriously. You dont need a button for this, more like a tab or something around those lines will suffice.

Kurisu3064d ago

Did you read it? They did mention that.

"Engineered positivity isn't new to social media. There is a reason that Facebook doesn't have a dislike button - from a business perspective, social networks need to grow to survive, and positivity helps growth. "Liking" something on Facebook doesn't even necessarily mean that you're expressing approval - sometimes it's merely a way to put something on your page and share it with others, thereby helping Facebook to grow"