Alan Wake's American Nightmare: 'Our inspiration is Tarantino...this is more action-oriented'

CVG- "Discerning Xbox 360 owners will have fond memories of Remedy's third-person thriller Alan Wake, with its lush Pacific Northwest setting and fascinatingly freaky storyline.

Now, the Finnish developer is readying a new, standalone episode set in the Alan Wake universe, called American Nightmare, which will be available via XBLA from 22 February. It's a very different beast than the original, with proceedings moved to Arizona and a greater emphasis on action.

We managed to get a little hands-on time, and collared Remedy's head of franchise development Ozz Hakkinen, to talk us through Alan Wake's American Nightmare in great detail."

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Malice-Flare2439d ago

so should i expect Death Proof? or From Dusk Til Dawn? seem like a bad direction either way for a horror genre game...

SockeyBoy2439d ago

If Alan Wake was known as a horror game then yeah, but Alan Wake has been known as a "Psycholigical Action Thriller". Cant wait.

green2439d ago

Alan Wake is not and has never been a horror game.

Malice-Flare2439d ago

if the threat was purely psychological, it wouldn't have a "Darkness" trying to infect the real world using Alan as its conduit...

i believe this is a horror game, rather than what Remedy would like people to believe it isn't. the PC game Still Life or the PS3 game Heavy Rain is a better fit as Psychological Action Thriller...

Play2Win2439d ago

Well, there are definitely some Horror aspects in Alan Wake. There is Action but you still need to be careful with your ammo and health. I dont know if Tarantino Style would fit in this kind of game.