New Dissidia: Final Fantasy scans

Two new scans of Dissidia: Final Fantasy from this week's issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump have surfaced. The scans feature new images from the game.

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lonestarmt4733d ago

this could be a sleeper hit. I hope it goes state side. So I guess this is like kingdom hearts withou disney? I"m in!!!

lonestarmt4733d ago

you get a bubble for simply being a fellow J-gamer. We got to stick together!!

Darkiewonder4733d ago

the battle will be awesome as well!

Anyone know if this will be running with the new or old psp specs? ;o

lodossrage4733d ago

This will give the psp a boost in japan no question.

The moment this game comes stateside, I have one word for it, MINE!!!

gungnir134733d ago

This one's a keeper. Can't wait to get..

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