Steps Leading to the PlayStation 4 - Part 1 [It's A Gaming World]

This generation for Sony has turned out not so bad. After struggling through the beginning period of the life-cycle for the PlayStation 3, now everything is going smoothly. The PlayStation 3 has the games, has the install base, and has the online community; it has everything needed to make it a heavy-weight in the console market.

Read part 1 of Kyle's take on what Sony needs to do to make the PlayStation 4 the star of the home-console market.

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blumatt3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

The PS3 has been a wonderful “gaming” machine, serving our gaming, multimedia, and social needs for the past 5 years. One minute you can be getting your K/D ratio up in a round of Call of Duty MW3, the next wandering around the much-looked-over social app, Home, and the next minute you could be watching that new Blu Ray movie your family just bought. Yes, for all the hype, disappointments, awesome exclusives, and expensive price tags associated with this machine, the PS3, I believe, has done Sony proud so far–and will probably continue to do so in the foreseeable future. With the advent of firmware updates on the PS3, Sony can keep it around for at least 5 more years or as long as the market produces demand. (See PS2)

While the PS3 has served us great these past few years, being a self-proclaimed “tech head”, I can’t help but wonder (and speculate) about the PS3′s successor: the PlayStation 4 (or so I hope it’s called that. See: Japanese superstition regarding the number 4. lol) I’d like to spend a little time discussing four simple, but important, topics regarding the PS4:

1) The Hardware 2) The Software 3) Connectivity 4) Price/Release Time

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The Hardware

First and foremost, I believe it’s the hardware itself that sets a console apart from its competitors. Obviously, the games cannot “wow” us if they hardware is not cutting edge or powerful enough. That being said, I do believe that Sony has learned a huge lesson in recognizing the difference between what they want to do hardware-wise and what they should do hardware-wise. The PS3, while being the undisputed king of graphics with games like God of War 3, Killzone 3, and Uncharted 3, has taught them that just because the system is capable of great graphics that doesn’t necessarily mean that third party developers are going to take the time to develop on difficult hardware. However, I do believe that Sony has learned its lesson based on both the hardware present in the Vita and the amount of support Sony has shown developers for that handheld. Let us hope that that easy-to-develop-for and developer-friendly attitude continues on the PS4.

While no one yet knows the actual specs of the PS4, as it has probably not yet been completely finalized by Sony just yet, I will do my best to give a possible set of basic specs below. (Feel free to comment, agree or disagree.)

Dual Cell Processor: 16 SPU’s

Unknown Powerful GPU

4 to 8 GB of system RAM

1 Terabyte HDD @ 7200 RPM

Quad Layer Blu Ray Drive Running 100GB BR Discs

Wireless a/b/g/n

HDMI 1.4a (Possibly 1.5)

4 USB Ports

Bluetooth 3.0

Read the rest at "PS4 Facts Rumor and Speculation" (It wouldn't let me put more than 4000 characters on this comment.)

blumatt3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Obviously, this list is incomplete and there other possible things that could be added, but this is my own speculation. Feel free to add to it in the comment section. I will, however, note a few things and reasons why I added them. For one, you will notice, despite my previous comment on hardware that’s easy to develop for, I still put that they will use a Cell processor architecture again. There are a couple reasons for this:

1) Backward Compatibility: Sony will want to make the transition from PS3 to PS4 as easy as possible and by allowing all of our PS3 games to work on the PS4, they will have a much easier time convincing people to upgrade.

2)Investment: Sony has invested a huge sum of money in this technology and will likely not want to let that go to waste by choosing a new technology after only using it in one single console. (Sony Buys Cell Processor Plant)

I also believe they will add in a powerful GPU, though I’m unsure of which one, and at least 4GB of RAM. This is to ensure that those lazier developers out there (Activision, etc.) who do not want to utilize the Cell architecture can still develop games of high graphical fidelity.

The third item of note is that I believe they will use Blu Ray in the PS4, albeit with a much higher capacity format. This 100GB or more disc will allow for even larger and more-detailed games to be made.

The Software

It’s an undeniable fact that Sony has the strongest lineup of exclusive first party titles. It’s also, however, an undeniable fact that Sony needs to pick up steam in the marketing of their games. They’ve got titles like Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3, pushing graphical and gameplay boundaries with epic cinematics and set pieces, yet when it comes down to it, these games are overlooked by the average gamer, instead being replaced by the yearly CoD release or some other multiplatform game that “their friends are playing.” How cliche! But, to break this cycle, Sony needs to step it up and take a page out of Microsoft’s book and up the ante on their marketing budget for these games.

The games themselves, I can’t really imagine how they can evolve much farther, but I’m sure they’ll figure out a way. Immersion is key in video games, and I’m sure Sony will figure out how to make you feel even more in the game. (See Sony Holodeck technology) They’ve invested a lot of money into things like 3D and motion gaming and I’m sure the developers and engineers at Sony will bring all of these technologies together in a way to further enhance the feeling that you are actually IN the game world.
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The full article is at called "PS4 Facts Rumor and Speculation." Feel free to read it. It's pretty good.

hellzsupernova3061d ago

easy, Affordable launch price
Great selection of launch titles,
maybe Uncharted 4, Jak 4, GoW4, GT6, InFamous, Resistance, Sly, Little Big Planet, theres literally tons of first party titles.
Make it easy to develope for unlike the ps3
Make titles on the playstation store cheaper and have good sales like steam!