Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review [It's A Gaming World]

As 38 Studio’s first outing into the gaming world, and without making a baseball pun based off the company’s owner (Curt Schilling), they have hit a home run. To say that Kindgoms of Amalur is a diamond in the genre of RPGs would be an understatement for the game and for 38 Studios. Look past the kiddish-style graphics that might remind you of Fable and you will see a wonderful, teetering on perfect, RPG full of everything you expect.

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Knight_Cid3067d ago

non realism doesnt equal kiddy dude

Arts10003067d ago

G4tv...Sessler dissed this game ( from a huge hight ) ......... this fellow loves it ..........
It fascinates me to glance over these review scores.