6 Worst Video Game Villains In Recent Memory

Whenever you think of good villains in video games, names like Sephiroth, Ganon and the Reapers immediately come to mind. But not all antagonists we have seen in video games have been as badass as the ones mentioned above. There are a few who’re either too stupid in concept, or are redundant and have no memorable personality. So given below is a list of 6 such villains, villains we thought we just plain bad. Some of them may not be the overarching villains of their respective franchise, but they’re present for a significant amount of time.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2490d ago

The human reaper in ME2 was not really a proper villain and the point about it being weak is stupid as they call it Human Reaper Larva and perhaps they don't know what larva means, of course it would be weak.

BigBoss19642489d ago

I loved Eddy Raja he was the comic relief of Drake's Fortune definitely one of the most memorable character's in the Uncharted series

MrDead2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Gamingbolt one of the worst game sites in recent memory

Dr Face Doctor2489d ago

You lost me at calling Ganon a good villain.