Pandora’s Tower releasing in Europe in April

Pandora’s Tower, the third of the holy trinity of the Japanese RPGs whose releases everyone’s been clamouring for in the west (after Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story), has finally been confirmed for a European release.

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jacksonmichael2442d ago

So yeah... they'll have all three by April. The same month that we get our first one. I want to move...

mike1up2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Congratulations Europe!

It appears that NoE is actually interested in doing their jobs, and not pissing off their fans.

I applaud all of the folks of Op Rainfall, but I have grown tired of begging NoA to release the games that I want to play. When April comes, we will have Xenoblade Chronicles, and Europe and Japan will have The Last Story and Pandora's Tower... disgraceful!

I realize that things like this happen, but not when a console is starving for content. Either NoA believes that none of these games will come close to sales expectations, or they're deliberately trying to dilute the Wii's software lineup.

I got news for NoA, if you think that I am buying Wii games during the WiiU launch... think again, and go F*** yourself! This year Nintendo needs to hand that fat cat, Reggie, his walking papers.

Baka-akaB2441d ago

Yeah last time i saw something that stupid , was Sony not publishing their own Demon's Souls game , and yet going through with a rather mediocre Bleach game .

Thepcz2441d ago

i hope this gets the special edition treatment too

Instigator2441d ago

Now all they need to do is release a VC version of Earthbound, and I can happily look back at this Nintendo generation when the Wii U arrives. Slim chance, but hey...

mike1up2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

I know! Earthbound(Mother) should have been out a long time ago. Did they have some kinda licensing issue or something?

Instigator2440d ago

I think so. I don't know all the details, but apparently the game was a lawsuit waiting to happen, and changing every risky detail would probably strip it of it's parodic nature.

Still, the money hungry lawsuiters should learn to take a joke as it's essentially a parody. Everyone would benefit from a little openmindedness.