MX vs ATV for PS3 guilty of false advertising? "MaxConsole reader Kevin has mailed in to let us know his frustrations regarding false advertising on MX vs ATV Untamed for the PS3. The Official website and GameStop advertise it as having a 12 player multiplayer but it only has 8 player multiplayer. He indicates that the game is just a 'crappy port' of the 360 version and the gas and break are supposed to be analog but they are not and the graphics are so grainy they may as well be in a PS2 game."

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SKullDugger4731d ago

Lazy DEVs. Burn Out Paradise City shows what happens when a game is coded for the PS3 first. GT5,Uncharted and RC show the PS3's power but unless its used right it means nothing.

jiggyjay4731d ago

Just don't blame the devs on this! Blame Sony as well!

sak5004731d ago

Lazy devs, lazy devs, lazy devs, wait, wait, wait, 4d, blowing 360 games out from day one, Lair, unchartered AAA titles will sell millions of consoles, blah blah blah. STFU. HOw many copies of UT3, Uncharterd, Lair, Warhawk etc have been sold to even make the "NON LAZY" devs profitable?

Always excuses, since last 2 years ever since the launch of 360 we've been hearing B$ first from SOny then last year from the blind minions of sony.

You should thank these guys that they are atleast trying to make something for a Bluray player. Blame the fired architect of PS3 who made it so difficult to program.

marinelife94731d ago

I didn't even finish one lap on the demo it was so bad.

Naruto4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

do anyone care about this game? also ign says it has 1- 12 players

Grassroots4731d ago

is it released already??

Ju4731d ago

I think it came out this week.

I think Rainbow (THQ) messed that up. A pity, because I think, both, the latest PSP and PS2 version where pretty good - especially visually, but the PS3 lacks a lot in the visual area - at least what I see from the demo.

jackdoe4731d ago

Does a mailed in letter count as news here? Jeez, who the fvck approves this garbage? This game can be bad for all I care, but using a fvcking fan letter as a source is the same thing as using the words of a rambling fanboy on a forum as a news article. Reviews should be used as sources, not fan letters.

NanoGeekTech4731d ago

This games is Blahhhh......I would join in on the class action lawsuit..

FunnyBone4731d ago

Instead it's much easier to blame EVERYONE but sony....

Let me throw it out there so I dont get the ...
Try buying a ps3 first before talking Shat...OK


Live- xBANGx

mighty_douche4731d ago

f*ck me it looks like a SNES game, without doubt the worst grahics ive seen on a console in a long time!

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The story is too old to be commented.