Why We Love Games: A celebration of the little things that elevate games from good to great

'Valentine's Day is all about love. This year, we figured you've probably seen enough nearly identical "Top 10 Games to Play With Your Girlfriend" pieces across the web (ProTip: Try Bubble Bobble), so we've decided instead to step back and look at a different kind of love altogether -- our love for games. What we realized is that what makes us love this crazy hobby has more to do with specific details, not big experiences. We've put together a tribute to some of the most memorable moments we've ever experienced in games -- not necessarily the big set-pieces that were carefully calculated to make an impression, but rather the little things that have stuck with us through the years. On consoles, PCs, arcade machines, and portables, these are the artful, loving incidentals and twists that have turned us into the fans we are. Some are profound, some are utterly trivial, but each one resonated with us.'

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