20 romantic moments in classic video games

Video-game heroes may seem like savage, heartless killers, but they're driven by the purest of emotions: love. Let's explore 20 of the most passionate moments in retro gaming that tingle the cockles of your heart.

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THR1LLHOUSE2499d ago

I was all ready to make a joke about how weird the Altered Beast one was...then I saw the Ninja Turtles one and I have to go scrub my brain now.

idontgetit2499d ago

"Congraturation" on the most disturbing Valentine's post I've read today!

Sadie21002499d ago

Ken looks frightening. That's a soon-to-be wifebeater, trust me.

NagaSotuva2499d ago

It's the eyes, isn't it?

8-Bit Jay2499d ago

Pixel kisses for everyone.

NagaSotuva2499d ago

Zeus' hand creeping in on Athena scarred me for life.

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