RoboAwesome's Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition | Review (PC)

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition is the newest iteration of the post-apocalyptic simulator from Bethesda. This New Vegas is the same one we’ve been playing since 2010, but with all of the DLC and small packs rolled in. Too bad Bethesda also included their signature quirks.

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RoboRyan2491d ago

Among my favorite gaming franchises for sure. Although I don't always love how much of my time exploring the Wasteland consumes.

NYC_Gamer2491d ago

It's the same buggy piece of crap just with all the dlc

Kakihara2491d ago

I never got into New Vegas even though I loved FO3. It just didn't have a hundredth of the atmosphere that 3 had even though it had more content and some real gameplay improvements. From the moment I left the Vault in 3 I was in another world, there was something amazing about just walking around that desolate sepia toned world and listening to either the whistle of the wind through the burnt out wreckage of civilization or listening to haunting old songs that just fit the mood of this world so well.

I remember the very first raider that attacked me, tire iron in hand, fireman's helmet on his head and malnourished dog by his side. I could just sense his existence in this harsh new world, forced to become a monster just to stay alive. Knowing I might have to do the same as I looted his makeshift armor and possessions then continuing on alone into the dusty barren wasteland.

Then there was my experience with New Vegas, which was closer to, 'Wow, everything's so colourful. Wow, there are so many more people to meet and places to go. Wow, this colour really saps the atmosphere out of the world. Wow, every single one of these people is some kind of ridiculous one dimensional stereotype. Jesus, can I take three steps without running into an NPC? Where the hell is the wasteland?'

AronDeppert2491d ago

It wouldn't even seem like a Bethesda game without a few bugs!