Microsoft unveils Japanese HD-DVD addon

Microsoft have unveiled information about their HD-DVD addon for the Japanese market, and are undercutting the Playstation 3 price by a large amount.

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NextGen24Gamer5852d ago

WOW...keep the good news coming. Blue dragon and a core 360 in japan is 230 american dollars. and the hd dvd player is 160. So for 390 you can get blue dragon, an hd dvd player and a core 360. Unbelievalbe. And with blue dragon being the 3rd most anticipated game in Japan. Sounds like a beautiful deal for them. Thanks Microsoft.

PS360WII5852d ago

This is cool MS will not back down from Japan and are willing to give them what they want for a nice price

clayton5852d ago

Where are all the Sony fanboys now? Microsoft makes promises and they keep them. They deliver and undercut the PS3 price. If you buy a PS3 you are definitely a retard. Now I can play games in 1080p and I am also getting the HD-DVD add on. The fight has just begun, Microsoft plowed straight through Chang3.