Battlefield 3 free with Mass Effect 3 pre-order

XMNR: Electronic Arts' Origin Store just launched a new online special that packs in Battlefield 3 free when you pre-order Mass Effect 3.


Update: We have received word from an Origin rep that this includes the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC standard editions too. We are trying to get additional confirmation.
Update 2: We contacted a second Origin rep who also said that this deal is good for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC standard editions.

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MAJ0R2465d ago

That's a fairly good deal, if this was a Steam deal I would probably go for it, but it's Origin so...

h311rais3r2465d ago

I hope u know steam does the same crap origin does

da_2pacalypse2465d ago

Don't be ridiculous. Steam is run by Gabe Newell, probably the most amazing man in the gaming industry... Origin is owned by EA, the second coming of Activision... Please do tell me again about how both services do the same... Go on...

grahf2465d ago

Activision copied EA's business model and are beating them at their own game.

Madden, anyone? Maybe FIFA?

soundslike2465d ago

I think thats what they are getting at.

Good to see the sense of competition to the vastly superior Steam has set in. They are going to have to do some serious shit for the customers if they want to stand toe to toe.

PwnerifficOne2464d ago

Get it for Xbox of PS3 then... Not really a big deal.

peeps2465d ago

When you pre order the "N7 Digital Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect 3 that is $79.99"...ah I wont bother then

Hufandpuf2465d ago

A $120 price cut down to $80 is a great deal. Especially when BF3 is the most technically advanced shooter out now.

pandehz2465d ago

Good deal.

Sadly I pre-ordered bf3 but didnt get anything free at the time dammit

Erika_Furudo2465d ago

I'm pretty sure you get Back 2 Karkand for free, and some pre-order exclusive items.