Mass Effect 3 PC Demo Is Now Available

DSOGaming writes: "PC gamers, get ready to get a taste of Mass Effect 3 as the PC demo has just been released and is available on Origin. The Mass Effect 3 demo is around 2.1GB and features over two hours of the groundbreaking single player campaign and action packed co-op multiplayer missions."

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Letros2464d ago

Thanks, downloading now! Better be good!

Snookies122464d ago

Ugh Origin... If only it wasn't on that service I'd download the PC version. :\

john22464d ago

And after both BF3 and ME3, here comes Syndicate that will require it. Oh boy...

NYC_Gamer2464d ago

i'm not buying anything from EA since would be forced to download origin

john22464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Although I dislike Origin, I really don't mind after its latest upgrades. EA has fixed most of its issues (and that 'sending data' thing is not happening anymore). Plus it's now starting fine on my PC (whereas the previous version needed almost 5 minutes to start)

This doesn't mean that approve the Origin requirement for every triple-A game of theirs though

x8002464d ago

Origin doesnt send any data anymore?
so it doesnt read your files and send data about what you have to EA?

h311rais3r2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

If u have any valve game your a hypocrite And for gods sake the only data it sends is what games you play. STEAM DOES THE SAME THING!

Virus2012464d ago

*Reads this on iPod touch*
*Runs to the Computer*


cooperdnizzle2464d ago

Just finished downloading it. I am super stoked this is going to be the game of the year! Installing right now as i type some of the best games ever!! X-MAS in February not to mention i just bought a 590 for my pc. And its kinda of cool cause i only play the mass effect games on my pc.