Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review: BuzzFocus

Final Fantasy XIII-2 corrects the major flaws of its predecessor and will restore your faith in the Final Fantasy franchise.The addition of Monsters to the gameplay makes the battle system more engaging. Your Monsters will be able to perform their own super moves, much like the Limit breaks of FF VII. Although the main characters lack personality early on in the game, the lure of Caius keeps you invested.

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cbclerk2442d ago

This franchise has been around for-everrrrr! Still had some good memories with this franchise. Hope the improvements put this game back in the conversation.

docbeez2442d ago

It sounds like Chrono Trigger to me, but at least its open world now. I hated XIII

tboyshinobi2442d ago

this game is so much better than XIII. I hope people check it out. I don't know if you can really capture the wholesomeness of Squaresoft but it's still a good one.