Puzzler: Match the celebrity voices to the video-game characters

As the video-game industry's popularity continues to grow, more and more big-time celebrities do voice-over work for digital heroes and villains. Take a look at the folllowing cinema and TV stars, and guess which characters they've lent their vocal cords to.

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THR1LLHOUSE2442d ago

Gary Oldman really should be in more games.

Err, sorry. Typo. Gary Oldman really should be in all games.

Pozzle2440d ago

Gary Oldman should be in more anything.

off-topic: How Oldman hasn't won an Oscar is beyond me. :(

barefootgamer2442d ago

The pictures on page 2 made me chuckle. Nice work!

Bimkoblerutso2442d ago

I'd never even heard of the 3rd Birthday, to be perfectly honest.

Now that I look it up, I recognize the cover, but I never knew the title.

VTKC2441d ago

I think the first game was on PSone, Parasite Eve is was called.

Wow I didnt think there were that many celebrities that did voice overs on video games. Patrick Stewart and Yvone were the only ones i knew in that list.