OXM: Why Mass Effect 3 is the smartest Kinect game yet

OXM UK: "The notion of a Mass Effect game with extensive Kinect support takes some swallowing, but the demo makes an unanswerable case. In treating the peripheral as a tool, rather than a separate entity with its own creative prerogatives, BioWare is arguably more in tune with Microsoft's ambitions for Kinect than any other developer. Given too much prominence, Kinect can raise as many barriers as it lowers. Here, it's just another, enjoyable way of playing a game you were going to enjoy anyway."

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dirigiblebill2440d ago

I'll play without for the most part, but it's nice to know there's always the option.

Jonty2440d ago

Genuinely surprised by how well it works. Faintly alarmed that Bioware can make Kinect shine, while 343 couldn't.

Virus2012440d ago

343 did a great job with the kinect on Halo Anniversary. The implemented voice command like mass effect and another feature where you say "scan" and your able to scan the environment and enemies to collect information about them.

AngelicIceDiamond2440d ago

Alomost Makes me want Kinect.

Allowen2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

I really want to see the demo of the game Binary Report from Sega that the demo will pop today at the PSN and not sure if it will come to the Live as well.

This game does accept voice comands to control your squad on this 3rd person shooter and seems to me preaty close on what ME3 kinect will offer.

The video demo of BInary Report from this month edition of Qore is really awesome.

Would not be funny to be able to do such thing just with software and then using a normal Mic ($5) to do so instead to use Kinect ($250).
Just saying.

PimpDaddy2440d ago

Kinect retails for $150. Most people purchase Kinect bundled with a new 360 which saves them $50. In fact there are a lot of online details where Kinect is selling for $100 instead of $150. Your comment fails.

Rashonality2440d ago

maybe because Bioware is a decent developer, if not for EA i would consider them one of the best in the field today.

barb_wire2440d ago

Why hate on EA buying Bioware.. Bioware's founder's and Board of Directors had to agree to the sale to EA and you know what?

They did!

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