5 Tips On How to Rule Your Destiny in Kingdoms of Amalur

These tips will help you to get the most out your Kingdoms of Amalur playthrough. Take advantage of these in order to survive what fate has in store for you.

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DBLDeathDealer3066d ago

Nice tips. Did not think I would like this game but it is awesome.

Brixxer6003066d ago

Very good game that i am having a lot of with . I'd say to definitely invest points in Detect Hidden skill as this allows you access to all of the hidden loot.

PrisonedBeast3066d ago

Yeah detect hidden is way more valuable then lock picking.

rdgneoz33066d ago

Yah, lock picking is not worth it. You can raise it from books or if you have a ton of cash to waste on stuff, go to the trainers. But its easy to unlock hard locks with no points in it at all. Hell, I've had a bunch of times where the default placement is the correct spot to unlock it...

brown0093066d ago

I run my kingdom my way.