EA’s Origin Required for Syndicate

In what is becoming increasingly common for EA published efforts, the re-imagining of Syndicate – a cyberpunk-themed shooter – will require an Origin install. That means regardless of where you buy it from, loading up EA’s digital distribution client is a prerequisite. This joins the already released Battlefield 3 and upcoming Mass Effect 3.

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mokopa3072d ago

i for 1 like origin. no more being forced into steam crappy auto update. EA, i support thee.

LightofDarkness3072d ago

You can turn off auto-updating in Steam? Pretty lame reason to hate, guy, you're not forced into it at all.

mokopa3071d ago

You cant my friend. If steam so much as detect an update while having a connection, gues what, you have to update.

LightofDarkness3071d ago

Right click game title, click properties, select the updates tab, change "always keep this game up to date" to "do not automatically update this game". It is really that simple.

h311rais3r3072d ago

It's funny how people hate origin despite how steam does exactly the same crap

Pandamobile3072d ago

This isn't exactly a huge title. If they don't sell this on Steam, how will they expect the PC version to sell?

wicko3072d ago

Not sure, i think sales for this title will hurt because of this.

mokopa3071d ago

I will nuy it. I started gaming in the days when cd-roms did not stay in the tray back in the day. Gamers today associate steam and sales. That is just fanboy brainwashing I say. I buy games not because they are on steam, but cause I like them.

Saryk3072d ago

They will sell the game fine. I have Steam, Origins,Gamefly(d2d), Gamestop/Impulse and Gamersgate. Double click a icon, go into my games and have a awesome time.

mistajeff3072d ago

ugh, i don't want their damn software poking around in my directories, selling my info to their advertisers. i want to buy this game cuz i like starbreeze, but i'll have to wait until there's a proper origin workaround like they managed to do with battlefield 3.

ninjahunter3072d ago

Yea, You know that whole thing where big producers say people pirate games because its just more convenient. Starting to see that now.

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