Game Informer: Twisted Metal Review

Dan Ryckert writes:

"The Twisted Metal series will always have a place in PlayStation history. In the early years of the PSone, the successful vehicular combat game brought attention to a console trying to establish its identity. After creator David Jaffe left, the series floundered with two disappointing 989 Studios installments before returning with the hit Twisted Metal: Black. With Jaffe back in control of the series after a 10-year hiatus, how does the series stack up in a vastly different gaming landscape largely devoid of vehicular combat games?"

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Relientk773063d ago

Great score, this game is a blast. Very fun.

Der_Kommandant3063d ago

Best Multiplayer game of 2012

Montrealien3063d ago

I have to agree, Starhawk brings so much new stuff to the table, Twisted Metal is, well, Twisted Metal, and that is awesome. But jumping on the Best of 2012 bandwagon this early in the game is kinda weird.

SoapShoes3063d ago

Yeah this game is awesome. 8.5 seems about right, it's very refreshing.

MoreRPG3063d ago

i've never played any Twisted Metal game before but this game got my attention i hope it is as good as it look