Joystiq: Twisted Metal Review

David Hinkle writes:

"We all have guilty pleasures, those things we enjoy but are afraid to tell others about, because deep down we know how terrible we are for enjoying them. The Twisted Metal series has always been that way for me. As my prepubescent self might have exclaimed at the series' introduction so many years ago, "A clown with a perpetually flaming head drives around in an ice cream truck killing people? That is so cool."

Imagine my stifled pleasure when a new installment of Twisted Metal was announced for the PS3. I envisioned how much the old arcade gameplay might benefit from some modern influence, and how much technology could augment the formula and push the series into exciting new territories.

Too bad that isn't the case here. Instead, Twisted Metal does little to shake things up and takes the safe, careful approach with its PS3 debut."

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Tonester9253065d ago

I wonder if everyone is going to review it like Battlefield 3?

Weak story/Good Online though 7/10

Even though the game is truly for online.

Jobesy3065d ago

Considering you have to play through the single player and beat challenges on high difficulties to unlock mp content, the scoring may be justified.

ISKREEM3065d ago

The only unlocks that carry over from the campaign to multiplayer are Warthog, the laser pistol, and I believe a skin pack.