Gametrailers Review Twisted Metal

Is vehicular mayhem still relevant or does that exit lead to a dead-end road?

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acemonkey2491d ago

not that bad of a score....the story and the controls i guess is the downfall of the game...but i picked it up last night and got destroyed online....but once anybody master the controls im sure ill be fine(or know how to drive)...Enjoy the game everyone

girlwithturn2491d ago

God, just change controls in the menu. Stop trying to deceive players.

rdgneoz32491d ago

Yah. In the demo, I hated the default controls. But after setting them to racing, was soo much easier and more fun to play. Waiting for my copy from Amazon to come.

acemonkey2491d ago

im just sayin what the review and what most reviews are saying about the controls....stop taking this to GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

smashcrashbash2491d ago

Yeah, racing controls are the best. Don't know why people just don't change them to suit.

Legionaire20052490d ago

They more positive things in this review than the negative, crazy how they gave it a 8.1!!! I was expecting a 9. This reviewer make every game look like their bad the way how talks. Twisted Metal is more than that same old Call of Duty with the same tired old engine. What other has 4 player splitscreen that could make games last? Not much. It had a steady framerate than most games out there with all that action. If this is a system seller David Jaffe got to make another one someday.