Kinect Star Wars 'Girly Vader' trailer shows a harsher Vader

XMNR: Microsoft released another trailer for Kinect Star Wars on Tuesday that puts an unlikely everday person in the shoes of a major character from the original Star Wars film. The latest replaces Darth Vader with a pre-teen girl whose not as forgiving over a lack of faith.

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GribbleGrunger2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

it appears we'll have to wait for the game to be released before we actually see some gameplay. and by that i mean seeing someone play it in real time and be able to see what they are doing compared to what is happening on screen

Cueil2439d ago

Gamespot has some gameplay footage of them playing it as do a few other sites

GribbleGrunger2439d ago

oh, right. could you find me it please. i've searched but can't find it

NewMonday2439d ago

did anyone get the bit from a Bugs Bunny cartoon at the end

Wenis2439d ago

Theres some on Gametrailers. I remember seeing a video of a guy playing as a Rancor destroying Mos Eisley, but it was at E3 or something and it also showed a video of the guy doing his actions, he looked so embarassed acting like a rancor in front of a ton of people watching, I felt bad for him lol. He was like giving up at the end of the vid too.

Godmars2902439d ago

Its not like they're actually selling the game, more the idea of the game.

dark-hollow2439d ago

Why everything star wars sucks lately?

maverick402439d ago

Star wars only has 3 good movies.

dark-hollow2439d ago


A new hope.
Return of the Jedi and empire strikes back are the greatest movies trilogy of all time.
Nothing comes close in my opinion.

NewMonday2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

the Goadfather?
Indiana Jones? (-old man ford)

but i agree nothing is as good as the original concerning SW, the best thing after that was KOTOR

Wenis2439d ago

Well I cant speak on behalf of the lame TV show, but the games suck because LucasArt's old president totally F'd up the company and its been trying to recover for like the past 4 years. But since a new Starfighter, Bounty Hunter, and Battlefront game are rumored to be in the works I am hoping the scars are all healed..

IM_KINECTED2439d ago

That is opinion really. I'm in my mid 20's and so obviously wasn't around for the release of the old trilogy, but from what I saw as a kid they were kind of boring.

I didn't get into Star Wars until I saw Episode 1 in 1999, I know people try to dog on the newer movies because of Jar Jar or because of the use of special effects, but Lucas used the best effects available back in the original trilogy and the best available for the newer trilogy.

I actually prefer Jar Jar to C-3PO, who is a homosexual stereotype in my opinion.

Episode 5 is pretty great, I really got into it, but I always say if you are ever having trouble sleeping, Episode 4 is the best sleeping pill ever.

My all time favorite is Episode 3, with 1 right behind it...but come on, how can people like Episode 6 when Ewoks destroy the empire? it's ridicules.

Wenis2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Man, episode 4 was the best in the saga. The main reason I like it so much, along with 5 and (somewhat with) 6, is that it they were able to say so much by doing so little. The prequels on the other hand, did so much but said so little.

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Godmars2902439d ago

Same reason Jedi started showing signs Lucas was a hack: commercialization.

Where New Hope was a creative property requiring imagination and effort to make up for a limited budget, Jedi was the beginning of intellectual property where advertising became more important than the product, because brand name popularity has already sold and all that needs to be done is - pretend to - spread the word, keep up the hype and more and more cash in.