Primecast Episode 4, “Double Finecraft and Psychonotch”

In Primecast episode 4, Default Prime contributors get together to talk about the astonishing success Double Fine had with its Kickstarter donations and whether or not that would be a viable alternative to getting involved with a publisher for every developer. Tune in for arguments, nostalgia and discussion about other hot topics in the gaming world as well.

"Big things have happened in the video gaming world this week. That’s right, a new episode of the Default Prime Primecast was released unto the world! …oh yeah, and Tim Schafer and Double Fine raised over a million dollars in less than a single day, no bigs. In this week’s episode, we talk about these new developments and whether or not they prove anything for the world of game development. Additionally, we talk about the Sony Entertainment Network, FemShep love, and Battleship The Movie The Game. Also, you get to hear me geek out about Rhythm Heaven Fever, which comes out today, actually. Plus, staff writer Matt Buckley joins us for the first time to join in our digital shenanigans."

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