Wii Specs

IGN just released hardware specs for the wii... see how they stack up!

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JamShady5857d ago

A lot of those specs were released several days ago, ala http://www.xbox360leagues.c... and I'm pretty sure they've been on Wikipedia for a while too :)

Genki5857d ago

The Wii seems as if it will be the most immersive of all 3 next-gen systems, and the most user-friendly. I'll admit, while I underestimated it a great deal at first, the features, games, and services have changed my mind. I'll most definitely be getting one of these, but one drawback I think is the several controllers/attachments, that would get annoying having to buy several different controllers, for different people and games. All in all though, I'm thoroughly impressed, this looks to be a very fun and unique experience.

andy capps5857d ago

I'm on the fence as far as voting cool or lame, so I won't vote either way. The tech specs are weak as heck, but that is not what Nintendo is going for. My wife and I are actually going to a show here in Columbus, OH on the 27th which is supposed to be a tour sponsored by the Wii, so hopefully I'll get a chance to try out the console, if there aren't too many emo kids in my way. Haha!

ChickeyCantor5857d ago

you can rotate the Wii-mote on the second page

wulfgar885857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

Wii may not be the most powerful system but with enough 3rd party support has the makings to be a truly next generation console

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