Battlefield 3 “Big Announcement” Still On The Way, EA Comments on BF2143 DLC

MP1st - The big question on many Battlefield 3 players’ minds is what happened to the “big announcement” that was supposed to take place last week? Though this did not end up happening, there is still hope, according to Community Manager, Ian Tornay, who also talks about Battlefield 2143 DLC.

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NewMonday2490d ago

needs new maps and new settings, enough deserts.

young juice2489d ago

enough construction sites

GraveLord2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Get ready to open your wallets.
You know its going to be DLC.

Criminal2490d ago

I hope 2143 will be a downloadable like 1943, not just an expansion pack for BF3.

Elwenil2490d ago

I honestly wouldn't think they would release a 2143 expansion. No offense to 2143, but it wouldn't mix well on servers, in my opinion, to go from a desert BF3 map like Firestorm and then jump to a futuristic map on 2143. So if they did do it, I think it would have to be like BC2's Vietnam expansion, which I think would divide the community too much. I think all of the attention 2143 has gotten with the release of BF3 that they would at least release a 1943 type downloadable game at the very least or just go ahead and make a full title, which would be the best thing in my opinion.

Kleptic2489d ago


B2K mixes perfectly because its the same 'stuff'...if you don't buy the expansion, you can still get murdered by all the weapons by the people that did...

its pretty obvious that a 2143 'expansion' would have to be a the sense that it isn't incorporated in server rotation with the rest of the game...which already raises alarms to the community because it effectively splits it...

I'm not saying i hope they don't do it...but i'd like to see another expansion like B2K completely incorporated into what BF3 is now...before seeing some 'new' version of the game that you have to play from a different menu and server browser...

Pandamobile2490d ago

BF 2143 would be better suited for a full game, IMO.

FunkMacNasty2487d ago

I agree with Criminal 100%. I'm sure that there are a lot of BF players (like myself) who aren't keen on the idea of a space-age themed DLC pack for BF3. I'd rather just have all the BF3 DLC stick with the them of real life modern-times setting.. but maybe explore some new environments outside of the Desert. That way rather than miss out on DLC because we aren't interested in it, we can simply have the option of DL'ing it digitally and have it exist on our HDD as a separate game from BF3

Some Jungle and snow maps would be really cool.

ExPresident2490d ago

They should come out with a list of all the PS3 owners who are to pissed off over the way we've been disrespected by EA/DICE and aren't going to buy the next DICE title.

VOIP is just one of the reasons. I'm glad its fixed now but a day late and a dollar short.

gcolley2490d ago

want some cheese with that whine?

ExPresident2489d ago

No just what I would expect for $60 and for developers to go back to a proper BETA instead of a glorified demo.

towelie12882489d ago

lol ps3 owners were pissed at activison /infity Ward
and now EA/dice

btw games runs great on 360
no input lag

spektical2490d ago

EA dropping the ball on this one. They have/had a huge momentum and can't even make due with announcements...

i love bf3, i dont mind the "input lag" on the ps3, but i'm getting tired of the same maps.. and i hope they bring back fully destructable buildings in the DLC.. thats wat made BC2 really fun.

Rob Hornecker2490d ago

I couldn't have put it any better!

This just more of the same BS! So until something is firm on the patch and or DLC ,I will be playing some others games that I got for Xmas!

Detoxx2489d ago

You still got the same type of destruction with the same type of buildings in BF3, what do you expect? that you can blow up a building?

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