Sony Mylo 2 Is Stylish PSP-Like QWERTY Phone

A mockup of a future Sony handheld has been floating around in the internet for months, but everyone's refresherizing today as more info slips into the tubes. Originally Published by, the device looks like a cross between the PSP and a HTC-style QWERTY sliderphone.

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Skerj4733d ago

Didn't the original Mylo suck total ass? It did to me because I do own the aforementioned HTC branded phone, they need to add some more features into this thing to make it warrant a purchase.

aaquib54733d ago

I dont see how it has any advantages over my iPod touch except the price. Anyone who is even considering this should look at an iPod Touch(jailbroken, of course). And after using Sony's portable browser on the PSP, I just hope the Mylo is better. Of course, iPod Touch and iPhone have the best browsers in any mobile device.

mrguru4733d ago

the 1st mylo had it all great messageing and browsing, but you needed wi fi and def at that time they had crap for wifi. it should have been a phone in the first place...

lil Titan4733d ago

i liked the first mylo because i could do my school work and listen to music at the same time on the go, i just hope this time they have the HTC-QWERTY backlight it was a bytch to see in the dark, and be able to hack it so i could use a real phone service