Top 5 Most Disappointing MMO Games in the Last Three Years

As with any game that’s released there’s always the hype train following closely behind promising players the world and while on rare occasions a game does deliver, most of the time it’s far from it. Today Lorehound looks at the top five most disappointing MMO games of the last three years as we break down just what happened and where they went wrong.

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ATi_Elite2436d ago

I'm currently playing Black Prophecy and yes it started out sucky but it's being improved upon all the time and it's a very fun action space MMO.

MMO's take a tremendous amount of time to improve because of the HUGE gaming environment that they have.

SW:Tor received a lot of Hype but Hype has nothing to do with the game being very solid. 1.7 million scribes is dam good and the game is only two months old and will get massive improvements as SW:tor is here for a the long haul.

remember world of warcraft didn't start with 12 million scribes as many said it was just a horrible Everquest clone but look at it now.

Kamikaze1352435d ago

I really enjoyed TOR. It was the most successful MMO launch in history and it seems like it will be getting some great updates and support.

LX-General-Kaos2435d ago

I have a feeling this was made just for an excuse to hate on SWTOR

h311rais3r2435d ago

Don't understand the hate either. It's a great game and an achievement for mmos

LX-General-Kaos2435d ago

I didnt get the chance to buy it yet but i have seen videos and review. It looks like a great game to me. Sometimes I forget what site this is. Nobodys fault but mine.

iTZKooPA2434d ago

The hype and promises can easily outweigh the achievements. It's a thin line for a game's marketing to manage.