Time for MMOs to reinvent themselves

Bigredbarrel.com - "MMOs are the abusive gaming genre that I just can’t get away from. MMOs are Ike Turner and I’m Tina Turner. They’re Bobby Brown and I’m Whitne…vermind. Since I played my first MMO in 1999, I’ve loved the genre. Leveling up, sense of community, sticking with one character and making them more powerful. It’s all good and fun. But with the success of World of Warcraft, most MMOs that come out fit into the same mold."

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ATi_Elite4243d ago

Guild Wars 2
Tera Online
Eve Online
Dragon Nest
End of nations

and a few others have already reinvented themselves with many many many next Gen MMO's in the making.

Saryk4243d ago

My MMO days are over. I have bought and played 95% of all P2P MMOs and found myself lacking in the accomplishment department. I am enjoying the story in SWTOR, so I hope this one will be the last. I might try Secret World since I am a fan of that type of story and gaming.

Gambero4243d ago

Saryk...I'm sad to say that you'll soon find yourself in the same position that I did with SW:TOR. You'll realize you're playing the same P2P MMO with a star wars skin and you'll lose interest almost over night.

Sad, but it'll happen

Saryk4242d ago

You're probably right. Once I am bored, no more MMOs. Not even going to try Secret World.


Blizzard Monetizes The Trader’s Tender In WOW

Blizzard just made it possible for players to purchase the Trader’s Tender for real money! The decision has left the community spewing with rage.

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Dudeson55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Never had a problem with monetization for anything that's purely cosmetic. If you want to look extra cool so badly, you must like the game to a point where it's worth the money to you. If not, you can still grind to get it in wow's case, maybe a slow progress but having that option is always a plus.

Now the moment someting that gives an edge in the gameplay is purchaseable, I'll understand the rage.

Edit: Also, a bit more on the middle side of things: when rare transmogs that needed a big achievement were to be purchaseable, I would also understand the rage of people who worked hard and want to show that off.

bababooiy55d ago

Its funny how we have have come so far that people are comfortable saying playing the game to get something is a "nice plus" like you should be grateful they even allow it. Truly sad honestly...

Dudeson55d ago

It's just that I don't really care about (paid) cosmetics, especially in games like wow. And the only plus I meant with that is that you can atleast get it both ways, not just that it's entirely gated behind a paywall. But seriously why would you care so much about cosmetic options that don't mean anyting more than showing of some style or spending ability. Just like branded clothes, really don't care about brands, just give me quality.

Kaii55d ago

Boiled frogs should be shot.

Kaozz197955d ago

D4 next with Stash tabs, Gem tabs etc. a 'la PoE.

niiopi55d ago

The game is on the decline and so they will start monetizing everything. So many other MMOs have done this when their popularity started to wane.


Disrespecting The Consumer: The Critical Problem With Live Service & GAAS

Live service games are vehemently criticized and companies need to rethink & prioritize respectful game design for consumer benefit.

Kaii57d ago

Gabe says not being publicly owned is a huge part of what makes Valve so successful.
"The whole point of being a privately held company is to eliminate another source of noise in the signal between the consumers and producers of a good."

Looks at Destiny 2 > I used to go into a store to find a game. Now I go into a game and find a store.
"Bungie reportedly expressed concerns over how engaging The Last of Us multiplayer project was"
Bungie at GDC "Beware of overdelivering, quality doesn't matter, a live service being fast is more important than quality"


P_Bomb57d ago

I remember that headline about Bungie and Factions. I’m not a Bungie guy, but I am a Factions guy. Can’t help but wonder if their GaaS input will be to my liking. 🤔

DeusFever56d ago

I always thought Destiny would be better if Bungie built the game and then handed it off to another company to run it.

Christopher57d ago

That's kind of the GaaS whole thing, though. This is like telling wolves to stop behaving like wolves.

P_Bomb56d ago

Was looking at the top games in my country as per the PS Store and it’s overwhelmed by service games. Blood is in the water.

senorfartcushion56d ago

The issue is that journalists mostly ignored this issue as it was arising. Games like Overwatch were considered exciting until lesser news websites and organisations began taking opinion pieces on the problem. From then it’s just gotten worse.

DeusFever56d ago

A lot of “game journalists” are just extensions of the corporate PR teams. Remember when Bungie flew people out to Bungie HQ and showed them the 4v4 multiplayer in Destiny 2? Everyone who attended said this was the best decision for multiplayer. Less than a year later, Destiny 2 went back to 6v6. Everyone who attended said this was the best decision for multiplayer.

FinalFantasyFanatic56d ago

The issues are so prelevant, that I just immediately skip over the majority of GaaS games, hardly any are worth the time. The mainstream media glossing over the issues is nothing new, you always have to wait a few months for the real reviews or opinion pieces (that tends to include video game reviews as well).

FinalFantasyFanatic56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

This is why I won't spend money on a lot of these games, not only do they nickle and dime you at every opportunity, but a lot of these games have a very short life span, not many of them survive for multiple years like Fortnite has.

I also feel like most MMOs in generally are more aqueduct in terms of content, for what you pay, I feel like a lot of them give you a decent amount to enjoy.

Profchaos56d ago

Gaas the game doesn't end untill people stop paying

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