Time for MMOs to reinvent themselves - "MMOs are the abusive gaming genre that I just can’t get away from. MMOs are Ike Turner and I’m Tina Turner. They’re Bobby Brown and I’m Whitne…vermind. Since I played my first MMO in 1999, I’ve loved the genre. Leveling up, sense of community, sticking with one character and making them more powerful. It’s all good and fun. But with the success of World of Warcraft, most MMOs that come out fit into the same mold."

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ATi_Elite3216d ago

Guild Wars 2
Tera Online
Eve Online
Dragon Nest
End of nations

and a few others have already reinvented themselves with many many many next Gen MMO's in the making.

Saryk3215d ago

My MMO days are over. I have bought and played 95% of all P2P MMOs and found myself lacking in the accomplishment department. I am enjoying the story in SWTOR, so I hope this one will be the last. I might try Secret World since I am a fan of that type of story and gaming.

Gambero3215d ago

Saryk...I'm sad to say that you'll soon find yourself in the same position that I did with SW:TOR. You'll realize you're playing the same P2P MMO with a star wars skin and you'll lose interest almost over night.

Sad, but it'll happen

Saryk3215d ago

You're probably right. Once I am bored, no more MMOs. Not even going to try Secret World.