Valentine's Day: Visit Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Today is Valentine's Day, which means it's time to visit Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City. If you didn't already know, you can earn an Achievement or Trophy by visiting Calendar Man on certain holidays throughout the year. Stay tuned to GoozerNation for more updates on when to visit him so that you can earn the Cheevo/Trophy!

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Yi-Long3073d ago

... not now when it's the 15th here in Europe.

RyanDJ3073d ago

For some reason, it took hours upon hours to get approved! Sorry about that. I plan to do one each holiday, and will talk to the head of the site about publishing them late the night before in the US so our European friends can see them in time. Curious: are the EU games keeping American holidays, like July 4?

Yi-Long3073d ago

... we have some mutual holidays obviously, but for instance 4th of July means nothing to us.

...except for those of us who play Arkham City, ofcourse. :)