I Am Alive director on DLC "We can’t say much about this right now"

"With its XBLA debut just weeks away, TGL caught up with Ubisoft Shanghai’s Creative Director Stanislas Mettra to talk about all things I Am Alive. Stanislas tells us about the uncertainties that underscored the project’s refocusing, why it’s important to think before you act in the game’s unforgiving post apocalyptic environment, why I Am Alive is best suited as a digital only release and why it's too early to talk about DLC"

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deep_fried_bum_cake3060d ago

I was excited for this when it was first announced (seems like such a long time) and I lost interest, but recent glowing previews have piqued my interest so I'll be awaiting the reviews for this. On the topic of DLC, I'm not really sure what DLC could add to it.

Droid Control3060d ago

How come the game is up on XBLA without a trial version?

Daver3060d ago

I hope PSN release is soon too..