If Two Gamers Have A Baby, Who Gets An Achievement?

A guide to finding that perfect co-op partner to the game of life.

Finding the perfect partner is hard. Even making friends can be hard. This is why we have hobbies. We pursue our interests in the hopes that we will meet people who like what we like, which makes us like each other. Have a similar hobby to me? Enjoy the same movies, books, music or games? Also hate Ethan Hawke’s pathetic, whiny, snot-face? Let’s be friends. Attractive member of the opposite sex? Marry me.

I will give you an exclusive look into one, uneducated man’s baseless opinion on why dating a gamer is like having a happiness cheat code for relationship and how to pick out a gamer in a crowd with one cheesy pickup line.

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NoobJobz2490d ago

My girlfriend isn't a gamer but she doesn't mind me playing.

VTKC2490d ago

Really? she really doesnt mind? well arent you lucky. You better of gotten her something nice for V-day.

NoobJobz2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Nope. She did at one point but then she realized if I'm gaming that means she knew where I was and wasn't out doing other things. So she stopped caring.

At first it was "omg,all you do is play stupid games!"
Now it's " oh good, you played games all day"

VTKC2490d ago

no body gets an achievement! You get a RROD because a gamers priority must change when they have a baby and that means no more gaming and more looking after the baby or getting a job working all hours to make ends meet.