Where is SoulCalibur V’s Single Player Content?

DualShockers Writes:" Before online gaming on consoles became commonplace, fighting game developers had their work cut out for them. Playing at home wasn’t like playing at a booming arcade; there was no never-ending line of opponents to test your mettle against and keep things exciting and varying. This meant that fans had to be kept happy with what was on the game disc out of the box. One particular fighting series that has never had even the smallest issue with this is the lauded SoulCalibur series.

Numbered series installments always pack in tons of offline content for fans to enjoy. From galleries and museums that house treasure troves of concept art, exhibitional videos and character profiles to full on campaigns seperate from the main story with their very own narratives, Namco has always left me feeling perfectly content after purchasing a new SC title. Unfortunately, after plopping down the whole $85 for the collector’s edition of SoulCalibur V and playing it for several hours, I can comfortably say that this game is lacking in comparison to previous entries, and that is putting it quite lightly"

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