Microsoft's Japanese press conference summary

The Tokyo Game Show may not officially start until Friday, but things are already heating up across the Pacific. Microsoft held its pre-TGS press conference which started approximately 10:00PM Pacific time. Here is a summary of what happened from IGN.

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HyperBear5852d ago

for one, i can se ehow boring it is for us, cause they dont talk about anything about the 360 over here, thats why theres X06, so really nothing has been learned for Xbox 360 for out here in America. And mainly cause everyone is waiting to see how Sony is going to do with their conference. Because Sony will be talking about the world at large with the PS3, instead of just Japan, like M$ did today, but again like i said, M$ is saving it up for X06 and then we'll know HD DVD price and launch and all that new stuff. Cant wait till Tomorrow for Sonys Conference and cant wait till X06 which i think is next week? anyone know exactly when it is?

TheMART5852d ago

Strange. You are a journalist and you yet don't known when or where X06 is held?

Very strange indeed. Has been on this site and others multiple times. It's just after TGS.

And uhm it's not strange 360 doesn't have much attention over in Japan yet. They are just coming with Japanese games. After Blu Dragon, Lost Oddysey and others things might change.

I think Japan is more into Wii then the PS3. MS still have brought news out today that shocked PS fans by adding 1080p support. Fine details:

HD-DVD Drive launching in Japan on on 11/22 at a price 19,800 yen.

The Xbox 360 to recieve software upgrade this fall for 1080p support.

Sakaguchi showed off Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, played each for about 10 minutes live.

Lost Planet trailer, Trusty Bell gameplayer footage shown.

19.800 yen for HD-DVD that's roughly 140 Euro. That's a bargain if you want it/need it!

So Hyper you as a journalist uninformed about X06 is the strangest news to me actually. The real news sounds good to me no downplaying possible

HyperBear5851d ago

Seeing is how i know you cant read worth a sh!t. I am a journalist at a PS3 website, now you tell me how am i supposed to get info about the 360 on a PS3 website. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me. And BTW, all that 360 news you said, has nothing to do with North America, it was all about the Japanese Market which is why it was useless to us over here. Next time read before you b!tch. And would you and jay quit bashing me to hell. We all know that i have a 360 and you dont, no need to be jealous here, just knock it off.

calderra5852d ago

For Microsoft, TGS is for Japan. X06 is for the world. That's the advantage of having the two conferences close together.

Not to mention there will be free Gold play and lots of exclusive content on Live for both events- log on during the conferences for the Bringing it Home promotions (vids, demos, themes, etc).

So TGS may be for Japan, but it also shows us more about the Japanese content, like Blue Dragon and Lost Oddyssey.