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Colwyn3072d ago

I stopped playing this game online because it was so inconvenient to connect to the konami servers.

Blaze9293072d ago

stopped playing after all those huge updates. Was ridiculous how long it took to download, connect to a good peer for good speeds, and then install - then manually quit the game then reboot for POSSIBLY another update (depending on when last you played it). It was simply ridiculous

sikbeta3072d ago

Same here, first time I tried: 1GB, I actually tried but the damned thing wasn't dd'ing s***, so bleh, moved on...

badz1493072d ago

it was a good run for their 1st attempt imo. Played it for a while before I moved on to other games! Konami ID is a pain in the a** though!

erathaol3072d ago

I actually really loved this game, I spent a lot of time playing it when MGS4 was released.

As you mentioned, the updates really killed it for me and the fact that I was the only one of my friends playing it.

This is sad news to me, if only Konami could get their Online together because MGO actually had a amazing game mechanics that other TPS Multi-player games still have yet to use.

I guarantee the first developer who figures out what Konami had on their hands and manages to smooth it all out into a nice presentable package will strike gold.

Razmossis3071d ago

It wasn't their first attempt, it was their third. MGO came with the Subsistence version of MGS3, and Portable Ops also had online.

This announcement breaks my heart, especially whenever they promised they would support it for 10 years.

Every other online game is miles beneath the depth this game had, best online game I ever played.

Jazz41083071d ago

Sounds like the ps3 period for me. I game on it once or twice a month and I never turn it on without at least 15 minutes of firmware crap and installs. This is why I game on the 360 95% of the time.

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Solid_Snake373072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Agree, but this is really a sad day for MGO fans like me.....

ritsuka6663072d ago

snake,snake, SNAKEEEEEE...

pandaboy3072d ago

it sucks :( my favourite online game ever.

Solid_Snake373072d ago


Yeah bro it sucks :/ mgo was also my favorite online shooter :( I'll never forget CQC grabbing someone, choking them out and knifing them afterwards... All in the shadows....

starcb263071d ago

I had so much fun in the training servers. Everybody would just have fun and blow each other up :'(

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MrBeatdown3072d ago

I never even got to play it. I let my brother create an account first. Little did I know Konami limited you to one character per console leaving me with no character of my own. Between that and the complete lack of PSN integration, I didn't even bother. It's too bad, because I loved MGO from Subsistence.

Razmossis3071d ago

You can BUY as many character slots as you want

MrBeatdown3071d ago

Yeah, but I really didn't like the idea of that, since I had just spent $60 on the game. Maybe if it was through PSN I would have sprung for it, but I really didn't want to put my credit card info into Konami's craptastic system.

gigreen3071d ago

I never registered a Konami ID in the first place.

If this was a good game, screw it. Now I'll never have the chance to find out anyway :D

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Snookies123072d ago

That's too bad, it had some really good ideas going... It's a shame the Metal Gear control style just doesn't fit well with online play.

TheBlackSmoke3072d ago

On the contrary MGO is one of the freshest online shooters around. There's so many systems and mechanics that make this game stand out as being unique and of all these online games you actually have to be skill-full, organised and smart to succeed.

This game was only ruined once again by stupid shitty kids lag switching and DDOS attacking the Konami servers constantly, making the experience shitty for everyone. Eventually Konami seemed to not care anymore about fighting back and now its a wild west of randomness.

I really hoped that Konami would somehow transfer it to P2P cos to be honest it would probably be better off, but alas it is over. R.I.P MGO

dantesparda3072d ago

Thats the thing that gets to me, if you're gonna just down the servers fine, but why not make it p2p, so people can still play it? Ugh! this gen has started to many messed up practices

Pein3072d ago

I liked it a lot. However I live in Europe and playing with the Middle Eastern and Aussie folks made way for a laggy experience. Oh and the "Angel of Deaths" that roamed around during lag.

Fishy Fingers3072d ago

Horrid game. Could of done so much more with a MG:O.

StoneAgeWarfare3072d ago

Hell no this was a badass game with inconvinient flaws but great online game, hopefully they will learn and create a more swift online experience, I still think we did not need double online ID.

JellyJelly3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Oh noes, now I'm stuck with games like Battlefield 3. /s

chidesd3072d ago

surprised it lasted this long. first few months were really fun but after the first few dlcs everything started going to shit