The 3DS is BS - The Rant is Go ep. 8 []

The 3DS has a remark­ably con­flict­ing design. Dan from pro­vides his visual dis­sec­tion of the var­i­ous flaws of the 3DS in what is the most rant-tacular episode yet.

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3ds is an awesome system I don't know why its hated but ever since november I've hd no shortge of games since I bought it in july

I don't see why people compare it to the vita I mean its obviously in a league of its own

But even when I buy my vita I believe ill still see my self coming back to the 3ds for games like kid icarus; smash bros, paper mario, luigis mansion 2, zelda, and pokemon

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Haters gonna hate what they don't understand. ;)

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