In it for Life..A Valentines Day Gaming Story

Despite Valentines Day (and its patron St Valentine) being an entirely modern, entirely human invention, come February it’s plastered everywhere. Busy (or not so busy) husbands tear around trying to pick up the ingredients for a gourmet dinner and feverishly searching Smiths for a Jamie Oliver cookbook, all in the vain hope that they’ll convince the wife that they remembered this year.

Cute young couples plan epic, three-day adventures of love that turn out to be bowling and a trip to Nandos. New-found love sparks and sometimes sets a flame as office romances and sexual tensions come to their fated conclusions. Overall it’s a crazy tradition, but loved by some as much as Christmas and Easter.

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I'm just glad I'm a romantic cat so it's an easy day for me...problem is my damn schedule is so busy I don't have time to be in an actual relationship lol..yeah kind of sad that I work that much...

GameGuy3071d ago

@THLLREBORN That reminds me "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy"

RayWillmott3067d ago

Loved this piece. Great read.